Info for 12th graders

You’re about to reach an important crossroads in your life:
You’re finishing high school, and soon you’ll be enlisting in the army.
This is the time to stop and think, to decide where you’re headed.
This is the time to come and sort out for yourself how you want to live your life.

Mechina staff

The mechina teaching staff will give you the tools to make your own decisions and choose your path in life. The madrichim, who are IDF officers and graduates of elite units, will train you both physically and mentally for optimal army service.

Amir Aigerman

Coordinator, informal program

Amir Aigerman

Amir is 32 years old. A member of Magen Shaul’s 7th graduating class, he has been on the mechina staff since 2007. Amir served in the Nahal Brigade and was a commander at the Infantry Corps School. He holds a B.Ed. degree and a teaching diploma.

Rav Itamar Cohen

Rosh Yeshiva

הרב איתמר

Rav Itamar was born in 1967, and has served as head of Magen Shaul Mechina in Nokdim since its establishment in 1996. Along with advanced yeshiva studies he holds academic degrees in education and teaching. Rav Itamar lectures on yeshiva-related and general topics.

“Shvush” at the mechina:

Dear Twelfth-graders,
Twelfth-graders are invited to visit and spend a Shabbat at the mechina, to gain a first-hand impression. Visits take place from 1st of Kislev onwards, and require advance registration. Please fill in your details, and we will get back to you as soon as possible,
Or contact Amir Aigerman:
Office: : 02-9965150

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How to get to Magen Shaul:

The mechina is located in Nokdim, in eastern Gush Etzion.
Public transport:
Egged 266 from the Jerusalem Central Station, get off in Nokdim at ‘kikar atzei ha-zayit’ (olive tree circle).