- Shaul Nokdim

Pre-Military Academy in Gush Etzion

From Challenge to Opportunity

Magen Shaul is a prominent pre-military preparatory academy (Mechinah) that nurtures
and supports students on their journey to adulthood
through meaningful military service and entry to Israeli adult society.

Our Doctrine

Love Eretz Yisrael

Love Am Yisrael

Love Torah

Our Mission

To prepare youth for the challenges of life in Israel by enhancing Jewish identity, physical, mental and spiritual strength

Our Success

Since 1996, our students have fortified their
inner faith and Jewish identity,
while developing leadership skills.

2,300 graduates have served in substantial
roles in the IDF; many in elite units and as commanders.

Graduates continue serving the State of Israel
as productive citizens.

Our Constituency

Our students are young passionate high school from all walks of life, both from Israel and abroad.

What We Offer

Enhancement of students' physical, spiritual and mental strength.
Our comprehensive program includes:

  • Mock try-outs for elite unit selection
  • Weekly lectures from inspiring Israelis
  • Weekly Jewish Studies – Talmud & Jewish Law (Halacha )
  • Field Trips throughout Israel
  • Conversational Arabic classes
  • Social and cultural activities
  • Military Training
  • Land Navigation Courses
  • Weapons & Marksmanship Training
  • Preparation for Special Forces Testing Day (Yom Sayarot)
  • Combat Fitness, Krav Maga & Self-Defense Classes

Spearheading the academy and shaping its students is
Rabbi Itamar Cohen, renowned educator and author of more than a dozen books on Emunah (Faith) – among them Or Haganuz (The Hidden Light) and Kaddish Acharon (The Last Kaddish).

Choose your Impact

Naming Opportunities

  • The Bet Midrash Learning Center
  • The Library
  • The Small Synagogue
  • Classrooms
  • Renovation of student residences
  • Construction of new student accommodations
  • Gym Renovation and Expansion
  • Gym equipment acquisition
תוכן ספוילר

We need to provide monthly maintenance scholarships for youth from disadvantaged backgrounds who are learning in the Mechina, including students from war-affected areas.

Click here to support scholarships for our students

Following 10-7-23, we upgraded our security to protect our campus 24/7, and provided fully-equipped accommodation for our security team. We now need to build shelters for our students!

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Join Us - Together We Will Succeed